Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha Indian Mission

As a mission it is attached to the St. Patrick Parish in Madras March 16, 1984. The new name honors the first North American Indian on the threshold of being canonized or named a saint, said Msgr. Matthew Crotty, pastor of the St. Patrick church. At a 10:00am service, Bishop Thomas J. Connolly, Bishop of the Baker Diocese, conducted the service of rededication and blessed a statue of Kateri. As part of the service Prosanna Williams, an enrolled member of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs told about Kateri's life as a little girl and the many hardships she suffered for her religion after her birth in 1656 near the present town of Auriesville in New York. Know as the lily of the Mohawks, some also thought that the name Kateri meant "eye of the sun." According to a short biographical sketch by the Rev. Lawrence G. Lovasik of the Divine Word Missionary, Kateri "...was considered a saint by her great love for God and all people." Kateri first learned about Christianity from Jesuit missionaries and on Easter Sunday, April 5, 1676, she was baptized. Four years later she became ill and died at the age of 24 on April 17, 1680.

Healing of the sick, conversions of sinners and other miracles have been attributed to prayers of Kateri throughout the years. On June 22, 1980, three centuries after her death, Pope John Paul II declared her to be blessed, the last step before a person is declared to be a saint. When Kateri will be need a saint is not an event that can be predicted, said Msgr. Crotty. "It's an ongoing process," he said adding, "The wheels of the Vatican grind pretty slowly on that." Catholicism first came to Warm Springs through Columbia River Tribes. They were introduced to the catholic faith by priests from The Dalles who visited the Indians at their fishing grounds at Celilo Falls on the Columbia River. The wood structure of the church was designed to match the natural environment of the hillside where it perches just north of Highway 26 about one-half mile northwest of Madras. Written by "Carolyn Grote – Bulletin"

As of September 30, 2009 Fr. Luis M. Flores-Alva of St. Patrick Church in Madras celebrates Mass at the Warm Springs church at 8:00am each Sunday.